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10 Reasons Why New Homes Are Preferred over Old Homes

No matter how many homes are on the market, you can always find new construction going on. Truth be told, many homebuyers preferred new homes over old ones. They can offer several benefits that older homes just can’t seem to match. Here are 10 reasons why new homes are preferred over old ones.

1) You Get to Design It

When you settle in for an old home, you have to take everything the way it is. New homes offer more customization than old homes. You get to choose your own cabinets, countertops, appliances, flooring and more. While you’re at it, you get to customize lighting fixtures, bathroom and kitchen fixtures and more – just the way you like it.

2) Choose a Floor Plan That You like

Many homebuilders will offer you the option of customizing your floorplan. Do you want the master bedroom on the first floor with all your children’s rooms on the second floor? You got it. Do you want separate walk-in closets for you and your partner? You got it. Instead of the sliding glass door, would you like French doors instead? You got it. Choose a floor plan that you like.

3) The Entire Home Is under Warranty

Many new homebuilders it will warrant your home against many manufacturer defects. This is not something you can get with an older home where you are responsible for everything that falls apart.

4) Enjoy an Energy and Cost Savings

Every three years or so, new codes and regulations are published that affect how homes are built. They are built safer and use newer technology. A brand-new home will be more energy-efficient than homes built five years ago, 10 years ago or more. It’s much easier to put in double pane windows from the get-go then to replace older, drafty, single-pane windows in an old home.

5) Enjoy a New Level of Comfort and Indoor Air Quality

The energy standards of today are much more stringent than they were in the past. By combining state of the art ventilation and air filtration with high-performance energy efficiency, you can get draft-free comfort resulting in a higher indoor air quality.

6) Spend More Time Enjoying Her Home and Less Time Maintaining It

What do you think is more reliable? A brand-new vehicle or one that is 20 years old? The same principle applies to houses. Newer homes perform more reliably than older homes. Fewer things will break down. Newer homes are made with new materials that will naturally require less care and maintenance.

7) You May Become the Recipient of Community Amenities

If you choose to live in a home built in a master-planned community, you may have advantages that you will find elsewhere. These may include pools, clubhouses and resort style community centers. You may be privy to hiking trails and some protected open lands. You may even find that you have the newest schools with brand-new shopping centers either close by or built within your new home community.

8) You Get to Take Advantage of Advanced Technology and Design

Older homes that are built with older standards use older technology. Is it possible for you to replace all the windows with high-efficiency versions? Of course it is. But – it comes with a cost. It’s far more efficient to get new appliances and countertops that you want rather than replace dated versions of them. Your new home will reflect the way you live today.

9) Newer Homes Are Often Safer

Let’s look under the hood, shall we? New homes have new circuit breakers. New homes have electric garage door openers equipped with safety features that will stop if a child or pet is near. Your new furnace and air conditioner will use the newest and most environmentally-friendly products and coolants. Your cabinets, your carpets, and your paints will use fewer volatile organic compounds which will give you and your family some breathing room.

10) You’re the First in That Home

When you move into an old home – a used home – you’re moving into a house that somebody else designed. It will reflect someone else’s dreams and decisions, not yours. You may have to settle for less in areas that new homeowners don’t have to. You may have to live with a smaller stove or that avocado green refrigerator. More and more people prefer a level of customization that older homes just can’t offer. They want that “never lived in” feel.

New homes have several advantages over old homes. You get the latest styles, the latest designs in the best comfort and quality that money can buy. It lets you enjoy your home. You can actually live in your home instead of spending all your time fixing a broken door or a creaky wood floor panel. Plus, when you buy a new home, you won’t be surprised by hidden maintenance shortcomings – everything will be new.

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